About us
About us
Committed to the initial processing of agricultural products using corn, rice, black rice and other agricultural products as raw materials

Corporate Culture


Food is the top priority for the people, and safety is the top priority for food

Corporate Mission
Co creation, achievement sharing - In the great era of China's rejuvenation, cutting-edge people strive hard to create value for customers and contribute to society; Work together with employees, shareholders, and partners to achieve success and share happiness.

Core Values Of The Enterprise

Passion leads to dreams, quality leads to nobility
Caring for employees, customers, and society
Market oriented, responsible for results
Career retention, career gathering, and career achievement
Synchronized development of enterprise value and talent value

Style Of Work
Rigorous, honest, and collaborative

Work Creed

Be grateful and diligent in your work
Loyal to responsibilities and the enterprise
Brave to innovate and constantly surpass