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About us
Committed to the initial processing of agricultural products using corn, rice, black rice and other agricultural products as raw materials

Company Profile

Shanghai Jinshan Grain, Oil and Food Co., Ltd. is located at 815 Jiugong Road, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, and was founded in 2000. In 2011, the company was rated as a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Jinshan District, Shanghai. For more than ten years, the company has been committed to the primary processing of agricultural products with corn, rice, black rice and other agricultural products as raw materials, mainly producing a series of grain milling powders such as corn flour, big Rice noodles, black Rice noodles and so on. In recent years, it has also made remarkable achievements in the field of deep processing of agricultural products. It has developed refined corn flour and refined Rice noodles series, which are widely used in the "sweet potato wish" of Holiyou, grain milk of Boli Pasture and other new leisure foods. The company is currently a designated supplier of PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. Its main customers include well-known snack food enterprises such as Haoliyou Food, Guanshengyuan Food, Boli Ranch, Weihao Mei, KFC, McDonald's, etc.

The company established Anhui Jinshan Grain, Oil, and Food Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Anhui subsidiary) in March 2014 in Mohekou Industrial Park, Mohekou Town, Huaishang District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province. In September 2015, the company purchased 26.6 acres of industrial land in Mohekou Industrial Park. Currently, a 6053 square meter grain production standard factory and a 4230 square meter grain special reserve warehouse have been built, and they were officially put into operation in September 2017, The annual production capacity reaches 36000 tons. In 2018, we purchased 15000 tons of corn raw materials with a total output value of 30 million. In 2017, the Anhui subsidiary was rated as a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Bengbu City, Anhui Province.

In line with the purpose of "making profits for the farmers and benefiting the people", the company is now making every effort to develop order agriculture and create brand food. In March 2022, it signed a targeted purchase contract for 20000 mu of corn with Shengshi Xingnong Cooperative of Huaiyuan County, Bengbu City. In 2023, it signed a 50000 mu corn planting agreement and promised to purchase at a minimum price of 0.85 yuan/jin. If the market value is higher than 0.85 yuan/jin, it will purchase at a price of 3-5 points higher than the market value, Ensure that farmers increase production and income.

The company collaborates with Guzhen County An Province Modern Agriculture Service Co., Ltd. to sign an order for large-scale cultivation of corn, following the model of leading enterprises+production entities (farmer cooperatives, family farms)+bases+farmers, scientific management, and unified prevention and control.

1. Provide corn seed selection services for growers, selecting corn varieties with high yield and excellent quality that meet the company's requirements, and providing services such as seed cleaning, grading, drying, and coating

2. Provide soil testing services for growers, accurately grasp the soil fertility situation, and develop scientific planting plans; Provide grain testing services for growers, measuring quality and grading, ensuring that high-quality grain can have good prices

3. Provide intelligent fertilizer distribution services for growers, develop reasonable formulas for intelligent fertilizer distribution, fully meet the nutritional needs of crop growth, effectively reduce fertilizer costs, avoid blind fertilizer purchase, and achieve reasonable fertilization

4. Provide safe, low toxicity, and efficient high-quality pesticides and one-stop plant protection services for growers. Scientific, professional, and advanced plant protection services make pesticide spraying more effective and worry free

5. Provide agricultural machinery services for growers, achieve mechanized harvesting of corn in the field, and conduct field transactions

6. Provide agricultural technology training and agricultural knowledge lectures for farmers to master modern agricultural technology and material equipment skills

The corn harvested by the unified field machinery is directly transported to our Anhui company and Anhui Agriculture for drying and processing, ensuring that the corn does not fall on the ground from the field to the production workshop. For the company, it reduces all external pollution of corn raw materials, and for cooperatives, family farms, and large growers, it greatly solves the practical problems of difficult drying and selling grain, achieving a win-win situation.

The development plan of the Anhui subsidiary in the next five years is to drive farmers' cooperatives, family farms, and large growers to build 200000 mu of corn planting bases in various districts and counties of Bengbu City, deeply integrating the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, that is, achieving industrial integration of corn planting, processing, and sales. Through the technical services provided by the Modern Agricultural Technology Service Center of China, the traditional corn planting mode will be changed, and a modern agricultural planting management mode will be established, Through large-scale field management, field trading, and guaranteed price acquisition of corn, we aim to increase production and income for farmers' cooperatives, family farms, and large growers, enabling them to truly benefit. 200000 mu of corn planting will drive 50000 local farmers and increase their economic benefits by nearly ten million yuan, achieving our company philosophy of "benefiting the tiller and the people" for Jinshan Grain and Oil. In the next 5-year development plan, the company will also carry out a corn noodle processing project in Bengbu, bringing high-quality corn products to the people's dining tables.

The company uses the high-quality and high-yield corn produced in the corn planting base to produce high-quality corn flour and sell it to our high-quality customers, so that our people can eat safer conscience food and truly complete our "three hearts" project.