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Factory direct rice noodles

Factory direct rice noodles

Detailed introduction

Factory direct rice noodle series. High-protein rice noodles produced from crushed rice grains are made by enzyme extraction. Containing 3 times the protein of prescribed rice noodles, it is called standard rice noodles. This high-protein powder will provide more valuable protein sources to countries that traditionally lack animal protein such as milk and meat.
Production Method
1. First take 5% rice flour paste, and then make it gelatinous at 100°C for 30 minutes.
2. The temperature is slightly lower before adding a-amylase. Generally, it only takes 30 minutes for extraction. After filtration or centrifugation, it is finally concentrated into the desired protein.
3. The soluble enzyme can be regenerated by ultrafiltration and circulation for continued use. Liquid maltose can be used directly as a sweetener in finished rice flour.
4. Yeast can be cultivated in sugar solution. Adding this yeast to rice flour can provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, making it a more perfect food.
Product Features High-protein rice flour is a creamy white powder that is easily soluble in water. It has the color of milk, tastes mellow and delicious, with a little sweetness. It is comparable to milk protein foods. It can make instant dairy products, baby feeding milk replacers, thin pastes and various snacks.
Its protein content is as high as 25%. Similar to whole milk powder (26.4%)
Nutrients: 25.0% protein, 31.9% starch, 31.9% maltose, 4.1% fat, 0.9% fiber, 1.1% ash, 5.1% moisture.